We play LOTS of games to help us practice math skills in a fun and meaningful way! Below are the directions to many of the games we play in class. Enjoy them at home as a family, too!

Close to 100
You need
Digit Cards (deck of 44)
Close to 100 Recording Sheet
for each player
Play alone, with a partner,
or in a small group.
Deal out six Digit Cards to each player.
Use any four cards to make two
numbers; for example, 6 and 5 could
make either 56 or 65. Wild cards can be used as
any numeral. Try to make numbers that, when added,
give you a total that is close to 100.
Write these two numbers and their total on the Close
to 100 Recording Sheet; for example, 42 _ 56 _ 98.
Find your score. Your score is the difference between
your total and 100. For example, if your total is 98,
your score is 2. If your total is 105, your score is 5.
Put the cards you used in a discard pile. Keep the
two cards you did not use for the next round.
For the next round, deal four new cards to each
player. Make more numbers that come close to 100.
When you run out of cards, shuffle the discard pile
and use those cards again.
Five rounds make one game. Total your scores for the
five rounds. The player with the LOWEST score wins.